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When it comes to purchasing your first home, next home, or investment home it is important to keep in mind that you are in good hands. Every real estate transaction has very detailed guidelines that need to be executed at the right time. If the guidelines are not satisfied in the correct timeframe a transaction can fall apart and the buyer is at the mercy of the seller.  Therefore, it is extremely important to choose the right broker that knows what is best for the client and protect the clients interest at all times.  We are trained under the new Residential Purchase Agreement and we will always be on the right side of the law when it comes to purchasing a home.  Choose Suarez Realty Group, Inc. in the assistance of purchasing your home and "Experience the Difference".




When listing a property the most important aspect of a listing is the marketing campaign behind the listing. The property has to be marketed to the right demographic and priced correctly. The sales price of a property is also of the upmost importance because an overpriced property will not sell, sit on the market, and therefore a disservice to our client. On the other hand, under valuing a property will also be a disservice. The trick is to find the "sweet spot" where it allows the client a quick and easy sale while maximizing their profits.  It is our fiduciary duty as real estate professionals to protect our clients interests while doing our job and that is exactly what we are set out to do.  Choose Suarez Realty Group on your next sale and "Experience the Difference".

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Financing & Refinancing

Broker Javier Suarez is a Senior Loan Originator with ML Mortgage Corp. He will work hard to get you the best possible loan that matches your needs.  The financing aspect behind the purchase of a home is just as delicate as the real estate transaction. Without a loan, unless you are a cash buyer, you cannot buy a home. Any lender the buyer is using must be qualified and deliver what they promise.   Javier has over five years of Mortgage experience and specializes in reverse mortgages, HARP loans, FHA loans, Conventional Loans, VA Loans, Cal Vet Loans, Down Payment Assistant Programs, etc. He will get the job done at competitive rates and reasonable fees. If you're looking to REFINANCE your primary residence or investment property look no further and contact Javier Suarez for a free no hassle quote on existing rates and programs that are currently available to you.

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