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Agents: Real Estate Professionals

Bryan Grosh, Realtor

01-Bryan Grosh 0058.png

Bryan Grosh is a successful Realtor in Southern California for over 5 years. In 2006, Bryan’s Real Estate career started with the acquisition of 2 properties in Phoenix, Arizona. He continued to purchase properties in Harbor Gateway, Long Beach, Palm Desert, Big Bear, and eventually Las Vegas. Prior to being a Realtor, most of his investment properties were bought or sold with the assistance of Javier Suarez and Suarez Realty Group, Inc. Javier has been nothing but a trusted advisor for Bryan’s investment portfolio. Bryan currently has several rental properties with business’s attached to the property. He has several million dollars under Asset Management.  


Bryan acquired most of his Real Estate knowledge from his grandfather, Ed Russ (former mayor of Gardena, CA.). He recalls working with Ed on his [Ed’s] renovation projects and absorbing as much knowledge as possible. Bryan learned the single most important quality in a real estate agent is trust – one gains trust by serving others before self. The quality and quantity of information gained from Ed Russ has afforded Bryan the opportunity to serve and represent many clients. Ed Russ’s advice is the #1 reason why clients love working with Bryan. He specializes in listing properties in Long Beach, OC, LA, and Las Vegas. 

Esteban Alcala, Realtor

Steve Alcala head shot.jpg

Hello there, my name is Esteban Alcala, but you can call me Steve. I am a Realtor at Suarez Realty Group, Inc., with a strong commitment and passion for serving others and giving back to the community. I am actively licensed with the Department of Real Estate and a current member of the National Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors, and Citrus Valley Association of Realtors.


First and foremost, I'm a husband and a father. I was born and raised here in Southern California, and I have lived in the San Gabriel Valley for over 35 years in City of West Covina. At the young age of 23, my wife and I bought our first home. Several years later, we bought our second home, which we currently live in to this day. Let me tell you, we wish that someone had not only helped us, but educated us and explained every step of buying and selling a home.


I come with a strong background in customer service having worked for Fortune 500 companies such as Toyota, Starbucks, and CINTAS. With over 30 years of experience, I truly believe it's all about the client.


As a family, we love to travel and camp all over the United States, seeing and experiencing all the national parks and beauty that this country has to offer. I personally love to stay active with a true passion for running, hiking, surfing, paddleboarding, and training at CrossFit West Covina. All of these activities are challenging, but they bring so much joy to my friends, family and myself. Buying or selling a home is no different. It's got its challenges, but in the end it's all worth it.

Alex Alvarado, Realtor

Suarez Realty Group Broker.png

Decidi incursionar en el campo de los bienes y raíces; primero como reto y satisfacción personal,  sobre todo y lo más importante para ayudar a la gente a cumplir el sueño Americano.   Motivandolos a comprar casa, que dejen de tirar dinero en rentas excesivas de propiedades,  de las cuales ellos nunca van a ser dueños y a su vez orientar e informar la manera en que puedan ahorrar y economizar tiempo y dinero.


Alex Alvarado es un hombre divertido, alegre, amable, sincero; le encanta sacarle una sonrisa a la gente, aún en los peores momentos.  Pero sobre todo, es un hombre honesto, en quien puedes confiar, siempre ayudando a quien más lo necesita.  Es un buen amigo, gran padre, excelente hijo, buen hermano, sus padres son su gran ejemplo,  le enseñaron buenos valores, aplica lo que aprendió de ellos HACER SIEMPRE LO CORRECTO. Le gusta hacer deporte, estudiar, aprender cosas nuevas, estar al día, es algo perfeccionista, siempre dice: SI VAS A HACER ALGO, HAZLO BIEN. Llamar me al (909) 729-7925

Crystal R. Ellis, Esq.-Realtor


Crystal Ellis was born and raised in the city of Glendora, California. She attended Azusa Pacific University where she graduated with a bachelor of arts in Broadcast Journalism. During her time at APU, Crystal was a writer and video editor for “The Clause Newspaper,” and a Lead Officer for the Latin American Student Association (“LASA”).  

During her time in college, Crystal participated in local pageants to win scholarship money in order to further her education, Crystal won numerous pageant titles, including Miss Azusa 2009, Miss National Orange Show 2010, Miss Yosemitte Valley 2011, Miss Greater Inland Empire 2012 and Miss California Latina 2012.


Shortly after Graduation, Crystal began working for K-ABC7, one of Los Angeles’ largest television news networks. Later that year, Crystal realized her passion for news had been replaced with wanting to practice law.  Crystal then decided to go to law school at Glendale University College of law and simultaneously acquired her real estate license. Crystal also served as a law clerk for the Los Angeles County District Attorneys Office, where she gained valuable experience working with prosecutors on numerous cases and helping families obtain justice for their loved ones. In 2019, Crystal became a member of the California State Bar and is an active attorney as well as Realtor.  


Crystal manages a boutique law firm located in the San Gabriel Valley that specializes in criminal defense and civil litigation. Crystal uses her legal skills in real estate transactions, negotiating the best price for her clients. 


 During her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, running, scuba diving, playing the piano and traveling the world with her husband, daughter and her two dogs, Sandy and Gizmo.

Michael Motley, Realtor 

Suarez Realty Group Michael Motley.jpg

Michael Motley began his career in Real Estate in 2017. Michael's passion for real estate is driven by the necessity to assist others to aquire their dreams while simultaneously uniting families to be stronger. Michael has a Bachelors degree in Sociology (Law and Society), and a Minor in Music from California State University Los Angeles. He also has A Masters Degree in Human Behavior from National University La Jolla. Michael has 12 years experience helping guide foster children to become independent, responsible, and heal from traumatic childhood wounds. 


Michael later became interested in Sales and Marketing and the love for Travel, cultural experiences and beauties, and thus became a Sales Manager for Timeshare companies, and has over 5 years sales and marketing experience uniting families through travel. Michael's joy of helping others led him to became a realtor. Instead of seeing families being seperated in the Foster Care system, he now assists families to be united with joy and happiness through the love of Real Estate.  

Michael's listening skills enables him to understand others needs. He utilizes empathy with  clients to understand their desires in which allows superior custom design real estate plans, exceptional service, and trust that will lead to meaningful relationships, referalls, and repeat business. Here at the Suarez Realty Group (SRG), we can help you with all your real estate needs. Inhouse Escrow, Lawyers, and Superior Real Estate Agents with excellent service, experience and knowledge, SRG will provide you with the care and trust you deserve in all your real estate needs. Let me assist you! Call me directly, (626) 506-0727


Kevin Henry Jr., Realtor 

Hello, my name is Kevin Henry Jr. A Real Estate Agent  at Suarez Realty Group. What makes me truly relatable is that I am not just a realtor. I am a person that you can  build a rapport and connect with. I value the importance of time and timing, especially spending it with your loved ones. For me it's my  Wife , my dog Kobe, Nephews and Family.  I Am a person that believes that all my life experiences, coupled with passion have led  me to this very moment.  The moment of being able to provide you with valued service. From working with students with special needs in education. Graduating from California State University Channel Islands with a Bachelors in Anthropology.  Coaching different  sports whether it is High School Baseball or Coaching Special Olympics Basketball. All these vast experiences have helped me to realize a bigger picture. Life experiences are never dull  with passion and gratitude and the ones you love.     

My Core principles as a realtor are to be an effective proficient problem solver. Someone who is relatable and emphatic to the clients needs and wants.  One who is timely and reliable in their works.  More importantly honest and transparent throughout the whole real estate experience. 

My mission statement as your real estate agent goes as follows: “I am committed to being the best valued provider of realtor services, no matter the situation. I thrive in putting my best foot forward.  From buying a home to selling a home. To the buying or selling of commercial properties. Even if it's presenting a comparative market analysis of your home or just answering questions regarding real estate”.  Come experience what value service is really about. 

Whatever the case might be, I am your guy to make it count for you. From the beginning of the process, to the end of the process. It is my mission to provide you the best valued service . One you can count on to be personable and work diligently on representing you. As your real estate agent, I am here to bring you value and peace of mind. It is my duty to create a positive passionate experience with me and my team . From the beginning of the process to the joy of “turning the key”.  At the end of the day my goal is simple. Be the best provider of real estate services, that has you wanting to continue building with my team and I. I’m here to make it count for you. 

David Dominguez Hooper, Realtor


David Hooper is the person you want on your side when you need help in finding a new home. He was proudly born and raised in the City of Azusa, California. He attended Damien High School in La Verne, an all-boys, private, Catholic high school. As a straight-A student at Damien, he received numerous academic, community, and faith based awards for his involvement in the school and surrounding community. 


After graduating as the high school's valedictorian in 2013, he went on to attend the University of California, Berkeley, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 2018. During his time at university, he started and led a drone-engineering organization with over 500 members. He taught a university class on the different use cases of drones - such as using aerial photography and videography for real estate.


David later went on to work at an engineering startup for self-driving cars. While working a full-time job as an engineer, David took over his family's rental property business. He went on to later quit his job to pursue real estate full time. David has a great deal of experience working on real estate matters that concern credit counseling and restoration, foreclosures, short sales, loan modifications, and ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units). If you have a unique real estate situation, David is the person to help you in maneuvering through the situation at hand.


Outside of his professional life, David loves to travel the world to meet new people and learn more about different cultures. David is a people person. He loves getting to know you and your family and what your specific needs are. Whether that is finding a new home that can accommodate your family with a cost-savings approach in mind, or whether you're looking to buy your forever home - David has you covered. 

We are currently looking for professional and ambitious licensed agents with a strong work ethic.  Please contact Javier Suarez.

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